Monday, April 16, 2012

Merchandise Mart Dream Home celebrates timeless Art of Living

Story and photo gallery by Dwight Casimere

1. Opulence abounds in Brian Snow's Dining room
2. Cosy up to Vivere Ltd's Bedroom
3. Fernando Soler's Dressing Room
4. Petrified Wood Sculpture from Three Friends Antiques
5. Brass sculpture from Holly Hunt's showrooms
6. Fois Gras anyone?
7. Mike Stornello and Tom Konoplots of Vivere Ltd. in their Bedroom
8. My personal favorite, Kenneth Walter's Game Room from Grey & Walter, Ltd.
9. Brandy Cohen's Kitchen is just begging for my Pasta al Carbonara!
10-11. Richard Abrahamson kicks back in his Living Room from RJA Design
12. Jillian O'Neill in her Foyer with her exceedingly proud parents, Rod and Pam Sitter
13. Some of the attendees approached fashion with the eye of a designer
14. Brian Snow holds court in his Dining Room from Semel Snow Interior Design Inc.
15-16. More fashionistas in the crowd

"To sleep, perchance to dream...." Shakespeare, Hamlet's soliloquy

CHICAGO---Had Prince Hamlet wandered in his depressive stupor into the first floot galleries of Chicago's Merchandise Mart instead of wallowing in his malaise in the dreary confines of Denmark's Elsinore Castle, he might well have found reason to emerge from his gloom. Dream Home, in its latest incarnation is a celebration of all that is bright, lively and wonderful about life. Whether its escaping into the wall-to-wall flat screen TV haven of Kenneth Walter's Game Room or to the canopied bed serenity of Vivere Ltd's Bedroom, the elegant Art of Living was celebrated with the best that Chicago's top interior designers had to offer utilizing the unlimited resources of the Merchandise Mart.

The VIP Preview brought out a "whose who" of the Chicago design community and a few aficionadoes whose attire rivaled the imaginative turns of the design rooms inside the Dream Home. The nine elegant and sophisticated rooms are designed to inspire your inner designer. The Design Center also offers expert advice on creating your own Dream Home with Designers on Call and instant access to the resources of the Merchandise Mart. You can explore the limitless resources of the Merchandise Mart with a complimentary one hour consultation Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. Dream Home is open to the public and continues through Dec. 7. Visit Dream Home Monday-Saturday 10am-3pm, 1st floor, Merchandise Mart.