Friday, July 23, 2010

Travel-Affinia 50 New York City an outdoor oasis in summer

Story and photos by Dwight Casimere

1,2&3. dramatic views of midtown Manhattan from the terrace of Suite 2103

4. enjoying the "suite life" in a complimentary bathrobe

5. the author chillin' on the terrace

Affinia 50

155 East 50th Street | New York,NY 10022

Tel: 212.751.5710 ¦ Fax: 212.753.1468

An Executive Club Suite Hotel

New York---It was the eve of the Tony Awards on a perfect late spring evening in Manhattan. As I stood on the terrace of my upper floor suite at the Affinia 50 on East 50th Street, I took a long, thirsty pull on a glass of Pommery Champagne as I soaked in the pre-sunset views, first gazing at the reflection of the sun on the East River, then staring south toward the canyon of buildings cascading into the Wholesale District and Chelsea. It was a quintessential Mid-Town moment that only the fortunate few are able to experience. In a crowded city where space is at a premium, only a fortunate few enjoy any semblance of outdoor space in a Manhattan apartment, particularly one as expansive as the one I was currently experiencing in my digs at the Affinia 50.

From now through September 30th, the Affinia 50 is making my selfish pleasure available to the masses with an opportunity to experience the Affinia Alfresco Style.” Enjoy The Great Outdoors in NYC” is an opportunity for guests to enjoy the sparkling views that are only the special purvey of visitors to Manhattan from their very own private terrace or to step from their guestroom to a personal garden oasis. A rare amenity in the Big Apple, this Affinia alfresco package offers guests a chance to relax over drinks or just ponder the night’s adventures that lie ahead while reveling in the great city views and open air. A bottle of champagne, wine or a six-pack of beer is included.

Having experienced the alfresco lifestyle there firsthand, I can’t recommend it more highly. In my case, I enjoyed a refreshing bit of solitude before descending to the madness of the Red Carpet outside nearby Radio City Music Hall before the start of the Tony Awards ceremony. As I was nearly jostled into a police barricade by an overzealous TV news crew upon the late arrival of actor Will Smith, doing his best ‘Obama with Secret Service in tow’ imitation, I yearned for that glass of champagne and the pristine view from my Affinia 50 suite terrace. Visit for details.

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